Crow Pose (Kakasana, sometimes called Bakasana, which translates as Crane Pose) is a hand-balance that builds courage, coordination and concentration. This pose is less about brute strength and more about understanding the architecture of the body so give it a shot and learn how to fly.

Follow these steps to come into a propped version of Crow Pose:

1. Tiptoe squat on a yoga block, set on the ground at it's lowest height. Think of this prop as a bird perch. It will bring the body into the perfect flight position. Place the hands on the ground in front of you, shoulder distance apart, keeping the arms on the inside of the knees. Fan the fingers like bird feet and press finger tips into the earth.

2. Lean the torso forward, bending the elbows to work the shoulders down as low as possible between the legs. Think tiny and compact. Squeeze yourself with the inner legs and keep squeezing as you come up higher onto the balls of the feet.

3. Lean the whole pose forward until the lower arm bones come perpendicular to the earth (that means elbows stacked over hands), balls of the feet lift off, and you find yourself balanced on the hands. Remember to stay calm as you take flight.

4. Now, press the ground away with the hands as you draw the navel up to the spine and dome the back. Flying takes some serious core strength! Then begin to straighten the arms, hugging in strongly with the legs and bringing the heels up to sitting bones. Keep the head and neck integrated with the rest of the spine and lift the gaze optimistically.

5. Lower to a squat after 5-10 breaths or fly back to Chaturanga Dandasana.

Everyone falls when practicing Crow Pose. That's part of the fun of being a yogi. If fear is keeping you earthbound, try putting a folded blanket in front of your hands. Don't let a fear of falling prevent you from exploring your limitless potential on or off the mat.

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